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Wing Hoe Egg Rolls $3.90

Our house special!  The crispy crust is made with peanut butter for a delicate nutty flavor.  Egg rolls are then filled with shrimp and cabbage.  2 pieces per order.

Fried Shrimp Chinese Style $5.59

5 rings of large shrimp fried in crispy tempura batter

Fried Wontons $2.75

Thin & crispy fried wonton chips

Chicken Wings $5.59

6 pieces per order.

Crab Rangoon $5.59

Only made with the best ingredients: Philidelphia cream cheese and fresh crab meat

6 pieces per order

Fantail Fried Shrimp $6.99

Lightly battered shrimp served with sweet & sour and spicy mustard sauce

Potstickers (Pan-Fried or Steamed) $5.59

6 large pieces of pork filled dumplings

Shrimp Toast $5.59

Made with fresh shrimp paste

Shrimp Balls $5.79

Made from fresh shrimp paste.  4 balls per order

Ribs with Chinese BBQ Sauce $6.99

4 pieces of golden brown pork ribs lathered in our house-made bbq sauce.

Sliced Pork with Chinese BBQ Sauce $6.99

Perfectly sliced pieces of tender pork served with house-made bbq sauce topped with fresh green onions.

Assorted Tray For Two $10.99

Crab Rangoon (2), Egg Rolls (2), Ribs (2), Chinese Fried Shrimp (2).

Edamame $3.60

Freshly steamed green soy beans with a hint of salt.

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SOUPS $2.95 (S)

Prices listed are for Carry-out and Delivery Only

Egg Drop

Hot & Sour

Chicken Noodle

Chicken Rice






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